In November 2013 the brand Expensiv Lifestyle was born; although we had no idea how to start a clothing brand at the time we hit the ground running and never looked back. Through the years we encountered many ups and downs from sold out releases, celebrity encounters, sleepless nights and the obvious growing pains that come with running a business. The one thing that remained from the beginning was our high attention to details, presentation and always staying true to making the most premium quality garments we could find through the resources we had and this still remains true till this day.


Fast forward to 2022, it was time for Expensiv Lifestyle to evolve; we have decided to change our operating name to EXbENZIA, we wanted a new beginning, a fresh start to something bigger and a name that is unquestionably original. We will never forget where we came from though, because EXbENZIA was created by flipping the word EXPENSIV upside down. We will still be selling our popular original designs for the foreseeable future.


We want EXbENZIA to stand for more; it’s about confidence, being unapologetically you, staying healthy, wealthy, remaining humble, grateful, staying positive and always believing in yourself. It takes a special group of people to stay disciplined and keep these core values in place and for the most part it’s not the intentions of the general public. If you can understand where we’re coming from, then welcome to EXbENZIA; Lifestyle reimagined.